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  • Overview

We are planning to hold a new international martial arts competition, the 2021 Online World Martial Arts Masterships, to overcome the pandemic caused by the prolonged COVID-19 worldwide and to continue the exchange of world martial arts artists.

  • 1. Orientation of the Online Masterships
  • To revive international sport competitions after having been restricted with delays and/or cancellations due to prolonged pandemic.
  • Build an online competition platform and set up a hybrid main stadium to hold a realistic competition.
  • Martial arts and information exchange from all over the world through No visa, No passport, No flight ticket, No Covid-19, and new international martial arts competition to set the direction for martial arts in the pandemic.
  • 2. Competition Outline
  • Event Title : 2021 Online World Martial Arts Masterships
  • Duration : 2021. Oct. 29th ~ Nov. 2nd (5 days) Finals
    ※ Preliminary Rounds Sep. 1st ~ Sep. 30th
  • Venue : Online Studio (Chungcheongbuk-do Province, Republic of Korea)
  • Host : WMC , Chungcheongbuk-do Province
  • Supervision : WMC
  • Sponsors : Ministry of Cultere, Sports and Tourism(MCST), Korea Sports Promotion Foundation (KSPO)
  • Scale of Participations : 10 Sports 3,300 Participants
    - Athletes&Officials(3,000 athletes and 300 officials)from 100 nations
  • Event Slogan :“New Challenge, Open World’
  • Event Contents : Competitions(10sports) & Cultural events
  • Sport Selection : WMC Council to select 10sports based on the Letter of Intent for participation submitted to the WMC. (only recognized IFs and/or NFs of the host nation delegated from those recognized IFs under the WMC)
  • Event Method : Online Broadcasting, Video Registration, Online Scoring
  • Targeted Audience/ Participant
    - Age 15 and up (born after 2006) dan(grade) holder and registered athletes under each IFs. - International Referees/Judges of each sports, Representatives